Paramedic Average Salary

Paramedics in ambulance

What Are The Salary Ranges For Paramedics In Different Areas?

Do you aspire to become a paramedic? There are many occupations that are known for their service to others, and this is definitely one of them. In fact, it’s a job that is in high demand, a great choice for young adults soon to be entering the workforce. Of course, you might also be wondering exactly what you can expect to make when it comes to choosing this career. As you can well imagine, salaries can vary for different locations throughout the country.

If you look at the national average, the salary for a paramedic falls just shy of 40,000/yr. On average, paramedics may make anywhere from 35 on up to 44,000/yr. That’s the average salary range and the average salary figure, but of course you have to get location specific depending on where you are or where you’re going to start your career. You are also going to want to know the requirements for becoming a paramedic as well.

It’s important to look at why you want to become a paramedic as well. If you’re thinking about this occupation, then you are likely considering a job in service to others as mentioned. You need to have compassion for people, as you’re going to experience all kinds of different situations where people need your help. You need good listening skills, and you’re going to have to be a strong person. You also need strong communication skills, and as a paramedic, you need to be a great problem solver.

On the low end, paramedics can make just above 30,000/yr. That accounts for about 10 percent of the people that take on this occupation. Then on the high end, you have paramedics making as much as 50,000/yr. These paramedics are more likely to be working in inner cities where there is high demand for this occupation and many calls to be handled.

You have to consider the job requirements of a paramedic as well. For example, did you know that you can become a paramedic without a degree? While you can, it can of course be helpful if you go to college and take some of the classes that teach you the necessary skills. You’re going to have to be licensed, and you definitely need to be CPR certified. No matter what, there is extensive training awaiting you if you’re going to make becoming a paramedic your career choice.

Does the salary range for paramedics seem appealing to you? If so, then you can join up with a growing occupation that is definitely in high demand as mentioned. Paramedics have always been in high demand, and professionals in the medical field and healthcare professions in general are in high demand. Look at the statistics and see why becoming a paramedic is such a promising and rewarding career. You get to help others, help save lives and do something that gives back to your community. And again, the pay isn’t bad either, so does that convince you?